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Important Update - July 2, 2017

For those clients that have been waiting for availability of our last 4-acre lots in Calterra Estates®, we would like to confirm that we may now have Lot 47 available again for those clients requesting a full-size 4-acre lot with regular rectangular shape.   This lot may still be available at the premium pricing level from earlier this year.

For clients that are looking for premium estate view lots, we have Lot 72 and possibly Lot 64 also available as full 4-acre lots with full R-2 zoning and no Architectural Controls, restrictions, obligations or requirements on these specific lots for optimal desired options ranging from immediate home construction availability to short or long term unique land investments.   

Please contact us directly if you would like to secure one of these last rare full-size 4-acre lots before their availability disappears.

Important Update - July 10, 2015

In response to past client requests for relaxation of our minimum home size requirements in Calterra Estates®, we have now reduced the minimum home size to 1205 sq.ft. for new homes on the large 4-acre parcels with R-2 zoning.   This reduced minimum home size will match the current Rocky View County requirements for the existing R-2 zoning on these 4-acre lots.    Clients wishing to explore other R-2 zoning options, such as dual-home designs, moved-in homes or pre-manufactured homes, should discuss availability of these options directly with us.

Original requirements will continue for the smaller 2-acre lots with R-1 zoning, including minimum home sizes of 1800/2200 sq.ft., higher-grade individual PSTP Packaged Septic Treatment Plant requirements, and the specific Architectural Controls standards.

Our clients should be aware that another development is also now claiming to be associated with Calterra Estates®, after many years of using their original development name.    We prefer not to comment on why the other development would attempt to hide its original name or attempt to use our development name, except that imitation is probably the highest form of flattery for our development.    Our company has been the original developer of Calterra Estates® for the past 17 years.   The identified realtors associated with the other development may be having a difficult time selling the other development's 2-acre lots under their original name and reputation, but they are not authorized or allowed to represent any of the actual phases or lots in our development.    Our clients are encouraged to contact us directly for lot availability or accurate information about Calterra Estates® development.

Important Update - February 25, 2015

Click on photo to enlarge image  

The new residential development in the Keystone Area of north Calgary is quickly moving ahead.   The new development community by Brookfield Residential is called Livingston, and provides an exciting look to the new Calgary development plans north of Stoney Trail.

This new development is located only 1 1/2 miles south of Calterra Country Estates®, and will feature new amenities such as new schools, parks and a community centre.   Major Activity Centre (MAC) for commercial activities on the south side of Livingston, and a Primary Transit Network in the Centre Street Urban Corridor round out the exciting new amenities in the new community.

This new city urban density development will facilitate upgrading of the major roads, including Hwy.782 (Centre St.) and Hwy.566 (Balzac Road) to multi-lane highways.  

This development anticipates approvals of their development applications in 2015, so we may see actual development activities in the very near future.

More information is available on the Livingston website at the following link:

Livingston Community website

Important Update - February 23, 2015

New property assessments for 2015 confirm market assessment valuations for vacant west-side 4-acre estate lots in Calterra Country Estates® ranging from $447,500 to $467,900 (average $451,930).   By comparison, the property assessments for the smaller 2-acre lots in the adjacent Mountain Lynn (Phase 5) development range from $283,000 to $312,000 (average $295,370).   More detail information is available on our FAQ page.

Important Update - January 15, 2015

Several 4-acre lots in Calterra Country Estates® are now proceeding through the formal process of redesignation from R-2 to R-1 zoning and subsequent subdivision into 2-acre lots.   This may provide for abundance of 2-acre lots in our area in the near future and wide variety of choices for clients looking for the smaller 2-acre lots without the land investment benefits.    More details on land zoning guidelines are available on our FAQ page. We have updated our Acreage Lot Plan page to show the planned lot redesignations and which lots are affected.

For clients interested in purchasing one of the last few remaining full-size 4-acre estate lots, we have several 4-acre lots with full Rockyview R-2 zoning. This R-2 zoning provides very reasonable minimum home size requirements of 1205 sq.ft., allowing for construction of very affordable homes.   The large lot size also allows suitable site options for location of a second home on a single lot, as defined by the Rockyview Additional Dwelling Unit guidelines.   We also have vacant lots that are ready for home construction without any onerous architectural controls, or that may allow for prebuilt home options.

Please note that these 4-acre lots are only available for purchase directly from the developer,  
Calterra Land Developments Inc.    Interested lot purchasers can obtain more specific information from our Lot Plan and FAQ website pages, or by contacting us directly.

Important Update - November 24, 2014

In response to the many inquiries we have received from our clients, we have provided an information page on our website to address the most common questions and answers. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will provide relevant answers to many of our clients' general questions, including which lots are available, lot pricing and assessment valuations information, and various other general questions. Clients should contact us with specific questions for more specific information.

Important Update - May 25, 2013

The Calterra Country Estates® development is now fully complete, including full completion of our remaining north-side Phase 3 parcels.    Consequently, we do not anticipate any additional new 4-acre lots becoming available in our development or general area in the future.    Clients waiting for lots are encouraged to contact us now to discuss availability of our final few remaining lots.

Clients interested in purchasing lots for investment purposes only are encouraged to contact us to discuss current opportunities.   Clients that were previously interested in fractional ownership opportunities can also contact us now for consideration of these future opportunities.

Any remaining development activity in our area primarily involves final completion of development requirements in the adjacent Mountain Lynn development area (aka Phase 5), including completion of their roadways requirements, any outstanding stormwater or surface water management requirements, compliance with individual Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) requirements on each 2-acre lot, and final utilities installations.

Remaining activity in Calterra Country Estates® will now be primarily focused on home construction of estate homes on our remaining lots and enjoying the post-construction greening of the west-side estate area.

Previous News and Updates

For clients inquiring about the Additional Dwelling Units (ADU's) policy, we do generally support the availability of these additional dwelling units for our clients on the large 4-acre lots with R-2 zoning.   Calterra supports the use of ADU's for additional family members, short-term guests or live-in care givers or domestic help.   ADU regulations provide the availability to construct a second dwelling unit on a single lot in addition to the primary home, either as an attached self-contained suite or a detached garden suite.   ADU's have been approved by Rocky View County for the past year, and are included as a discretionary use on residential lots.  

Clients wishing to include such additional dwelling units in their building plans can discuss these options with us, as well as obtain relevant permit guidelines from Rocky View County.

Due to the many inquiries we have received from our clients about the various present and future planned activities and developments in our vicinity, we have added a section to our website titled "Future Growth Map".   This section and map shows the current approved or proposed plans in the vicinity of Calterra Country Estates® to provide a glimpse of the possible future conceptual look of our area.

The past two years had been very active and productive in Calterra Country Estates®.   Roads in west-side Calterra Phases 1 to 4 are fully paved and completed.   Our underground utilities are also fully completed, allowing the transformation of the lots to lush green lawns without additional construction issues.  

The CrossIron Mills Shopping Centre is now fully open, with many exciting stores and entertainment features.   The Stoney Trail Ring Road is also fully open, with intersection of Harvest Hills Blvd. and Stoney Trail located just 3 miles south of Calterra Estates Drive.  

There have been many newspaper articles and announcements about the current developments around Balzac.  One of the latest is the proposal by United Horsemen of Alberta (UHA) and Ivanhoe Cambridge for construction of a large regional shopping mall and racetrack facility centre on the southeast corner of Hwy.2 and Hwy.566 (directly southeast of Balzac, and approximately 3 1/2 miles east of Calterra).   The Retail and Racing Entertainment Centre (RREC) combines the previously-planned Genesis commercial development with UHA's racetrack facility in a single comprehensive world-class regional shopping mall and entertainment centre.   Ivanhoe Cambridge currently operates many large shopping centres, including Calgary's Market Mall, Deerfoot Mall, Southcentre Mall and Sunridge Mall.   United Horsemen of Alberta are constructing Southern Alberta's only Class "A" racetrack for thoroughbred and standardbred horse racing, taking over the racing venue from Calgary Stampede.  

You can click on the following links to see the color brochure outlining the new proposed Retail & Racing Entertainment Centre.

Click on photo to enlarge image   Click on photo to enlarge image   Click on photo to enlarge image   Click on photo to enlarge image

The proposal is currently undergoing reviews and revisions.

To obtain more information on the United Horsemen of Alberta (UHA), you can visit their website at the following link:   To obtain more information on Ivanhoe Cambridge, you can visit their website at the following link:  

The Cardel Place leisure centre construction was completed in September, 2004, and is now fully open with all amenities including swimming, skating, various gyms and the attached Calgary Public Library.   The regional leisure centre is located directly north of the Silver City Cinemas at the Country Hills Shopping Centre (approximately 4 miles south of Calterra Country Estates).   More information is available at their website, on the following link:   Cardel Place Leisure Centre .  

We ask all of our existing clients and all potential clients and visitors to respect the private property ownership of all lots and amenities in our development, including the creek and pathways, and refrain from trespassing on any of the lots. Public access is restricted to the public roadway only (paved surface only, not the roadside ditches that are now fully landscaped).   If you would like access to view any lot available for sale, please contact the developer for an appointment.

We would like to thank all of our past and existing clients for their interest in our development, for their kind comments, and for sharing with us their future dreams and plans.   For those clients that have not been successful in acquiring one of our acreage lots due to the limited availability or high restrictions in the past, we would like to recommend that you contact us to explore current opportunities for the few remaining lots, or contact us by e-mail to be placed on our waiting list.   For more information, please contact the developer at the following:

   Developer:  Calterra Land Developments Inc.

   E-mail:     E-mail Information Request

Please note: The above link will automatically invoke your e-mail program to allow you to send us an e-mail. It will work automatically if your e-mail program and your browser support this function, such as MS Outlook Express with MS Internet Explorer. If this link does not work, you can send us an e-mail manually from your e-mail program to the following e-mail address:

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