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Sandpiper Beach Retreat is on Hornby Island, located between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island, in the Strait of Georgia.   Location of Hornby Island is shown on the map below.
Geographic Location Map Access to the island is primarily by taking one ferry from Vancouver Island to Denman Island, driving across Denman Island, and taking another ferry from Denman Island to Hornby Island. Alternately, you can schedule a direct charter boat directly from Vancouver Island to Hornby Island (more information is available on the Activities page).
Map of Hornby Island Once on Hornby Island, you can follow the road from the ferry terminal around the island.  At the stop sign by the Co-op store (near Tribune Bay), turn right, then take the second left turn, and follow the road to the Sandpiper Beach.  
For more detailed instructions, please contact us by e-mail, or visit our Contact Information page.

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Sandpiper Beach Retreat, Hornby Island, B.C.  ...  Located on the west coast of British Columbia, just off the east coast of Vancouver Island within the Strait of Georgia, Hornby Island offers the serenity of a peaceful vacation location, with the proximity and availability of amenities and leisure activities.  ...  Sandpiper Beach Retreat offers the full comforts of executive-style retreat, within the setting of the ocean-front tranquility  ...   In short, a luxury vacation of your dreams ! ...